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Birth In Power

Virtual, group childbirth education for expecting parents who want a fearless birth & peaceful postartum.

You want an empowering birth experience but sifting through endless Google searches and following 'birth gurus' on Instagram makes it feel impossible to understand what you actually need to know about childbirth. Not to mention asking your provider questions feels straight up awkward.

Enter Birth In Power..


Birth In Power is our signature childbirth education & postpartum preparation class built specifically to teach you how to understand and trust the process of birth so you can fearlessly navigate your labor & postpartum experience, feeling informed & mindful.

Current enrollment for: June 10-July 1

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What's Included

  • Four 1.5 hour calls

  • Group support via Whatsapp with unlimited text support

  • Access to 'The Ultimate Birth Guide' E-Book

  • Access to over 50 childbirth & postpartum prep resources

  • Lifetime access to recordings

  • Strong emphasis on partner support

  • Evidence based education

  • & so much more!

Early Bird Pricing

Prenatal Portrait

Topics Covered

  • Mental & Emotional prep for birth

  • Patient rights & advocacy

  • Physiological birth

  • Understanding & managing the stages of labor

  • Turning your partner into your doula

  • Options, interventions & pain management

  • Induction methods & c-sections

  • Birth Plan creating

  • Prep for a peaceful postpartum

  • Nutrition for healing

  • Newborn care

  • Breastfeeding/feeding basics

  • & SO much more!!

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This class is for you if..

You want to feel in control of your birth experience.


You want your partner to be confident in how to support you.


You want to know all of your options during labor so you have an empowering experience.

You know that you can own your birth & are ready to own your power.


You want to feel prepared for postpartum so you feel like you're in the driver seat of your experience.

What our client's are saying..


I loved taking this class with Krystil and found so much value in the information presented. I’ve done a lot of my own research, but having someone with experience go over all of it helped to solidify a lot of the decisions I’d already made. I feel as though I gained support and community with Krystil and am so thankful for her guidance.


Looking for guidance to a more physiological and informed birth? Look no further than the Birth in Power - Adoring Doulas class! Informative group sessions + invaluable resources/guides via Google Drive. Krystil is a seasoned doula who provides all info without pushing her personal opinions on you. She wants you to be armed and educated with the knowledge of all your options. Highly recommend this class!!!!


The Birth in Power course was incredibly powerful, informative and insightful. Krystil is an incredible resource and we are so grateful she has been apart of our journey to becoming parents. We both feel so much more prepared and confident in our own abilities to advocate during birth and post birth. The google drive is filled with so much education and support. Krystil offering herself even after the course is also a comforting piece that truly elevates our experience to a level beyond our expectations. I will recommend this course to every friend and family member who gets pregnant in the future.

What sets our classes apart?

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