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Birth is the epicenter of a woman's power.

pregnancy &
birth support


You will think about your birth experience every day. A doula is a powerful ally and your personal cheerleader as you navigate the most vulnerable yet empowering experience of your life. You can expect expert knowledge, steadfast emotional support and unwavering advocacy for the birth you want.  The studies scream volumes... doulas have shown to reduce c-sections, interventions, postpartum depression, shorten labor & provide an overall more positive birth experience.


Our standard package includes:

  • 2 in person or virtual pre-natal visits

  • 1 hour in person or virtual post partum visit

  • Labor & birth attendance

  • On call from 37 weeks on

  • Text/email/phone support throughout our time together

Virtual - $900

In Person - $1,800+

Image by Olivia Anne Snyder
Image by Alexander Grey

postpartum doula &infant care


As you enter the fourth trimester, the mother needs mothering as much as her new baby does. This is what we do best. As you acclimate to your new role, we look after your and your baby's well-being with a watchful, unbiased and nurturing eye. Our goal is to make sure you and your family have a smooth transition and maintain a sense of normalcy with your new addition. As your postpartum doula, we empower you to navigate the messy, beautiful chaos of new parenthood with informed choices and regained strength.

  • 12 hours a week & up to 4 days a week  (daytime only)

  • 3 week minimum

  • Nurturing care for parents & baby - SLEEP!

  • Support mama physically, mentally, emotionally

  • Lactation/feeding guidance

  • Adjustment coaching for family

  • Light housekeeping/cooking/laundry

  • Extra set of hands for siblings



Pricing varies based on location

childbirth education


Knowledge is power. Confidence is power. Through childbirth education, parents learn all things birth so that they can step into this momentous day armed with all of the information they need to make informed decisions. Parents learn the basics of childbirth & postpartum from a physiological & medical perspective as well as how to ask providers questions to ensure you are making the best decisions for you & baby. 


Topics covered are:

  • Birth plan creation

  • Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy & Childbirth

  • Stages of Labor

  • Medical & Non Medical Comfort Management 

  • Interventions

  • Inductions & Cesarean Birth

  • Hospital Policies

  • Newborn Screening

  • Postpartum Recovery

*Includes resource guides, visual guides & more*


One, 3Hr Class - $250

Woman on her Laptop

virtual birth
coaching & support


For those who are seeking support through out their pregnancy or postpartum journey & prefer to connect with an unbias, birth expert rather than relying on Google.

As certified trauma informed coaches, we assist with topics such as overcoming former birth trauma, stepping into childbirth & parenthood with confidence, finding your voice & power for an autonomous birth,  birth plans, lactation support, registry creation, resource guidance & more.

  • Biweekly meetings

  • Unlimited text/audio support via Whatsapp

  • Access to 50+ resources for birth/postpartum prep


1 Session: $90

1 Month - $250

2 Months - $475

3 Months - $700

placenta services


Placenta encapsulation is the process where the placenta is turned into a powder form & put into pill capsules to be ingested postpartum. There are two ways to produce the capsules - via the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice or the Raw method. Women report to have higher energy levels, lesser chance of postpartum depression/anxiety, balance mood & hormones, increase milk supply & more. ​

  • Your choice of the Traditional Chinese Medicine or Raw Method of encapsulation

  • Minimum of 100 pills

  • Placenta art print

  • Umbilical cord keepsake

Non Doula Clients - $300

Doula Clients - $250

Image by Tissa O’Grady



Birth photography is about documenting the arrival of your baby, wherever that may be or how you may birth! My focus is on raw connections between parents and the connectedness with their new baby.. the first look, the first kiss, first smell, first cry, first latch & more. It is your most amazing feat, captured in time for you to cherish for the rest of your life.​




As a certified Reiki Master, Krystil focuses on using an energetic healing approach for mom's overall wellness. Much of pregnancy, birth & postpartum is a spiritual overhaul which can cause nervous system overstimulation & energetic dilution. Krystil uses life force energy to clear blocks and put mom in a relaxed state of being to address any stress or trauma that is stagnating an optimal matrescence experience. These curated sessions are 1:1 & can either be virtual & recorded or in-person.

Virtual - $75/session
In Person - $100/session

Reiki Treatment

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