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An Educational E-book for expecting parents who..

Find themselves Googling everything & not finding a clear answer

Are feeling like they have no idea what their options are during pregnancy, labor & postpartum

Are depending on advice from friends & family

Are feeling like maybe their provider isn't being upfront about what they can say yes/no to?

Want to have a clear, concise & evidence based information to rely on

Desire an empowering birth experience and peaceful postpartum?

Know that they can have full authority over their birth but aren't exactly sure how..

Then the Ultimate Birth Guide E-Book is for you!

Our Features

The Ultimate Birth Guide
E-Book Includes..

  • Over 100 pages of thoroughly researched evidence based education to guide both parents through pregnancy, birth & postpartum

  • Digestible format, with each sub-topic being 1-2 pages to give you the information you actually need to know

  • Exercises and worksheets to further your comfortability on each topic

  • A tried and true birth planning template to share with your provider

  • Specific sections built out for partners so they know specifically how to support you

  • Lifetime access to any new iterations that are done to the guide

  • & so much more!

Pregnant Woman in Nature

"The Birth Guide has been my saving grace..  I've been so anxious through my pregnancy & searching for answers on the internet has been a nightmare. This e-book is like a childbirth education course all in one place and very easy to go through. Thank you!"

Emily A.

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