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Pregnant Belly

Childbirth Ed &
Postpartum Prep Classes

Education for expecting parents who want to enter the portal of parenthood feeling prepared & empowered.

Access All 3 Webinars!

Being prepared for birth and postpartum is integral for a positive experience! Receive lifetime access to 4+ hours of content over 3 classes + supplemental worksheets for each topic! 

Webinar topics are:

- Mental & Emotional Prep for Birth

- Rock Your Labor

- Postpartum Prep


Prenatal Portrait

Mental & Emotional Prep for Birth

Birth is 90% mental & 10% physical. In this 90 minute class, you will learn practical tools, tips and tricks to help you release your fears about birth, so you can have the empowering birth experience you deserve and desire.

We will go over in depth, various techniques such as visualization, breathing, relaxation exercises and more to help you develop the mental and emotional fortitude for a positive birth.

Receive lifetime access to the class & supplemental worksheets.


Image by Rebekah Vos

Rock Your Labor

You are capable of having an easy labor! In this comprehensive class, we discuss all the things you and your support people need to know in order to confidently support your labor. 

Expect to deep dive into everything you NEED to know about labor including what to expect mentally, physically & emotionally, positioning for each stage of labor, partner support, natural pain management tools and so much more!


Receive lifetime access to the class & supplemental worksheets.


Baby's Clutch

Postpartum Prep

Birth is only a day, postpartum is forever! In this 90 minute live class, we will discuss the essential preparation needed for parents to enter postpartum feeling prepared and at peace.

We will go over what to expect immediately, short and long term, conversations to have with your partner and family, critical postpartum items, postpartum warning signs, changes to the body & much more! 


Receive lifetime access to the class & supplemental worksheets.


What sets our classes apart?



Krystil has been an incredibly important person in my pregnancy journey. I took every class I could from her and I am so glad I did. She helped my realize how strong I am, how much control I have and even helped my wife and I realize we can have the homebirth we wanted!


I took multiple birth classes and Krystil's class was by far the best investment I made in my education. Anyone who is pregnant, regardless of how many babies you have, needs to take one of her classes! She gave me the confidence I needed to advocate for the birth I wanted & then some.


Everything I learned from the Adoring Doulas team has been so valuable. My husband and I both look forward to her classes - Krystil really focuses on keeping everyone engaged and involving partners. I am actually excited to give birth because of her!
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